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We offer a full range of timberland management and forestry consulting services that will help you manage your property to its full capacity in growing tomorrows healthy forest today!

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Timberland Management

We evaluate your property and timberlands as though it were our own, with the idea of setting it on a path to be productive as a complete ecosystem for generations to come.  With this as our vision, we can communicate to you that we have your best interest in mind.

  • Forest Stewardship Plans and execution, logging plans

  • Contractor selection, negotiation, administration


Timber Harvesting

Harvesting your timber is the biggest decision you will make in the process of managing your tree farm for future sustainability.  Our strong connection to logging contractors and log buyers will help us maximize your profits when the time comes to make this decision.  

  • Harvest planning and layout--thinnings and regeneration 

  • Log sales/marketing

  • Road construction/reconstruction

  • Slash disposal, grass seeding, noxious weed control

Reforestation / Pre-Commercial Stand Management

We have access to several well-qualified and experienced contractors who can accomplish all aspects of reforestation / Pre-Commercial Stand Management, including:

  • Site preparation

  • Seedling procurement and planting contractor selection

  • Stand monitoring & activity planning

  • Competing vegetation Management

  • Pre-commercial thinning

  • Fire fuel reduction contracts through State DNR

Land Location and Evaluation

Knowlton Forestry can locate and evaluate property that you may be interested in but don't have the ability to look at it yourself.  If your interested in purchasing a parcel of land and would like to know the timber composition, forest health, access and land features, we can do that for you.  We have extensive knowledge of Okanogan and Northern Ferry Counties and can locate the property your interested in and give you a detailed report on the findings.


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