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About Us

Knowlton Forestry has been in the making for 4 generations.  From the 1890's when my Great Grandfather settled in the Brewster area and the town of Knowlton was established, to 3 generations working for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources in fire fighting and timber management, building and managing a working cattle ranch which included timber management, to currently working with individual landowners owning 5-5000+ acres of property, see a vision for growing and sustaining a healthy and thriving forest for todays families and generations to come.

Healthy forests don't just happen, they're made!  Proper management and a vision for the future is what it takes to grow a healthy and sustainable forest for generations to come.  Let us help you see what your property, your forest, is capable of - from timber management to wildlife enhancement, water resources, etc.  We're here to help!

  Shane Knowlton - Professional Forester

busy beavers firewood is happy wood

A healthy forest is a happy forest!

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